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Who will know that I am accessing counselling?

  • Your counsellor

  • Your counsellor will discuss the content of sessions with their clinical supervisor, but will not share client names during this process

  • In the event of anything happening to your counsellor, they have appointed another counsellor, who can access the contact details of current clients, in order to inform you and signpost to alternative support if needed.

  • If your counsellor sees you outside of sessions they will not acknowledge you or approach you, to protect your privacy.  They will only acknowledge you if you approach and speak to them first.

  • Please see "Who could you share my information with?" section below for exceptions to the above confidentiality.

What information about me do you store?

  • Names, dates of birth, address, contact details and GP details are stored by your counsellor, in order to communicate with you and for safeguarding purposes.  Your consent to which contact methods your counsellor can use to contact you is also recorded and stored.

  • Counsellors are required by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)   to record a summary of the content discussed in sessions.  For confidentiality names are not recorded in these notes.  Your notes are linked to you by an identifier number, in line with the BACP record keeping good practice guidance.

  • Details of your appointments, attendance activity and communications with you may also be stored in your notes.

Where do you store this information?

  • Your referral form, session records and communications are stored on a secure, pawword protected, cloud based computer system.  Any paper records are scanned on to this system and then the paper record is confidentially destroyed. 

  • Communications are also stored on a password protected mobile phone and password protected tablet.

How long do you store this information for?

  •   Session notes, your contact information form, and your counselling agreement are stored for seven years

  •   Emails, text messages and voicemail messages are deleted as soon as the content is recorded in your         notes.

  •    Information is only stored as long as necessary in line with current BACP guidance, ICO guidance and  stipulations of professional indemnity insurance.

  •   Information is destroyed confidentially when no longer needed.

Who could you share my information with?

Information remains confidential between counsellor and clients with the following exceptions:

  • The content of sessions but not client's names are discussed by your counsellor and their supervisor in required Clinical Supervision

  • If your counsellor assesses that you are at risk to yourself or others they can contact your GP, or local Adult Assessment Team.  Your counsellor will let you know if they are going to do this.

  • Your counsellor is required to report any criminal activity that is disclosed in sessions to the police.  This includes but is not restricted to fraud and terrorism.

  • If a court of law stipulates that your counsellor must share information.

  • If your counselling is paid for via another source, for example an employer, your counsellor may be required to share certain information to support this process for you.  Your counsellor will share the specifics of this with you.

How do I access my information?

  • Requests for copies of your notes can be made, in writing, to your counsellor.

How do I update my information?

The confidentiality guidelines detailed above are subject to change, as appropriate to updated guidance from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and any other relevant legislation changes.  Kerry Thorpe Therapy is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

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