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Clinical Supervision

Mountain Lake

Clinical Supervision supports the safety of the client and supervisee.  It provides truly valuable time for the supervisee to reflect on their work, explore it confidentially and continually strive to enhance the effectiveness of their practice.

As an experienced counsellor, and manager of counsellors I understand the importance of supervisees feeling they have a safe place to speak congruently about their practice, learning and self-care.

I aim to provide an atmosphere of warmth, professional respect, honesty and positive affirmations, while holding a responsibility to the clients of the supervisee.

The cyclical model of supervision, which I practice in, has five stages which are explored non-sequentially depending on the needs of the work at the time.  The model is grounded in beliefs that supervision should be supervisee-centred, holistic, primarily a containing and enabling process which focuses on enhancing the therapeutic value of the work.  The supervisor offers core conditions of warmth, respect, genuiness and empathic understanding in support of this process.


If you are interested in discussing or booking supervision with me or wish to arrange a free 15 min consultation to chat through whether I could be the right supervisor for you, please contact me. 

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